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February 18, 2009
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February 20, 2009
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Check-in with the boys

blauugh blauugh blauugh… This blauugh is dedicated to my two boys Saxon (15) and Hutton (12, going on 21). In addition to all of the school work – school and club sports and a new found love for long boarding they find time to create some pretty impressive short films. I might add that most of the music is self composed with the help of Garage Band – Saxon is becoming quite a guitarist and Hutton my little percussion boy. Check out the YouTube links below. I just got back from Albuquerque (spell check) with Saxon competing in the Jr. Olympics fencing tournament – He had his ups and downs in the competition but managed to close out with a bang – ranked 162 of a cast of 164 he proceeded to take out the 21st ranked and then the 11th, who by the way was a very poor sport.

If I recall correctly I think my actual words to Saxon during the match was “Put this kid away” and so he did. During our visit to NM we checked out Santa Fe, – woo – kind of reminded me of Prescott – Sedona or maybe Healdsburg CA, nice little Plaza tons of shops all selling the same turquoise Bolo Ties and Kachina Dolls. The Italian food was good at Osteria D’ Assisi (spell check that) but I’m pretty sure the reason they sat us in the back was because of MY attire. Like any good dad, I insisted on Saxon bringing a pair of long pants which like the good son he did. But…. his absent minded father managed to forget his jeans but did bring some long underwear, so picture this A 48 yr. old man wearing camouflage shorts – black long underwear and a bright orange hoody.

I must have made Sax soooooo proud. The St. Francis Cathedral Basilica (established in 1853) was pretty impressive even though it was under repair and we aren’t Catholic. The night life with a 15 yr. old includes dinner at Whataburger and Rudy’s BBQ which I highly recommend. We did catch two action movies The International and Taken – I’d give them both three stars. The unfortunate thing about the trip is that in my absence I missed Hut’s first soccer goal of the season, they won 1-0 and it cost me $6, ($1 for an assist and $5 for a goal) I didn’t even get to see it. Hutton is getting rave reviews for his skating abilities, I think….. can any one translate, (Gleaming the Cube – that kid really ƒ^¢ks s#!t up) skaters talk I presume. That is all for now. Thanks for reading and make sure to check out the vid’s and make a comment or 2.

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