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April 24, 2017
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Look at everything for inspiration

Inspiration for a logo often starts with a blank slate but as the late great Ken White once told me… Look at everything for inspiration. Here is a sample of Ken’s work, my favorite being “how to stuff a wild duck”.  See more

Ken’s work is not the basis of my blauugh but more of an intro into how a logo can evolve once you let your conscious mind free.

Sketch on paper: initially it may just look like senseless doodles but somewhere on that page is a spark of inspiration.

Do the research: know everything about your client’s story, history and forecast for the future. In this day and age the best visual resource is the world wide web, look at dribbble – logo moose, pinterest or even billboards on your drive home for brilliant ideas and a different approach to the problem/solution.

Be open to critiques: look to design colleagues for commentary. You might have over looked the fact that the logo resembles a swastika or a phallic symbol turned upside down.

Start over: If you have exhausted your resources and nothing is coming to mind, take a brain break and come back again with a fresh perspective.

I conclude my blauugh with a perfect example of “Look at everything for inspiration”. It might be right in front of your nose.

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