We live in the day of information overload. In every waking moment, from every conceivable angle, your audience is inundated with choices. And somewhere out there, in the din of the crowd, your brand’s voice is fighting to be heard. At R Squared, we understand the ever-changing nature of today’s marketing landscape, and we work to stay on top of the trends and ahead of the curve. We’re sensitive to the limits of time, attention spans, and resources. With that in mind, we make the most of every opportunity to help you clearly and effectively share your story with the world.

Before we begin any project, our team practices a few essential skills that should be at the heart of any reputable studio. First and foremost, we listen. We ask questions to help us better understand your goals. We think critically and strategically about the most effective ways to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Only then do we roll up our sleeves and get to work.


You don't invest in creative services just to say that you do. You expect results. Real marketing lift-off requires an effective plan to ensure all of your creative materials are working together to achieve the desired objective: to attract positive recognition, to gain–and retain–more customers, and ultimately grow your business. Let us help you chart your course and execute your vision in order to fly higher and travel further.


Branding is the art of designing your messaging to be on target with your audience. It requires a broad understanding of your business and what moves your customers to action. The results are a higher relevance in your marketing, and a stronger connection with your audience. Whether you need to start building a brand from the ground up, some refreshment on an existing one, or already have something that’s working well for you that just needs to be followed, you can count on R Squared for any support you need.


Effective identity development is a kind of mad science that blends the essence of who you are into a single compelling symbol. That symbol then becomes the foundation all of your subsequent visual communications are built on. We brew up logos for visual impact and business clarity, enabling our clients’ presence to bubble over in the marketplace.


Our creative bulbs are always burning, and we’re up for meeting any challenge you face. From brochures and annual reports, to direct mail campaigns and special event invitations and materials, print is where it all began for us over twenty-five years ago. We love the irreplaceable tactile sense that printed materials offer, and our team is dedicated to making your communication tools look sharp and perform like champions.


Helping our clients click their way to new heights of online excellence is what our website and application design is all about. We build our responsive and compliant digital experiences to be as functional as they are visually engaging, which is probably the reason that our web work has almost tripled in recent years. Whether you need a simple consumer-facing promotional site, or an internal-facing custom web application, we combine compelling user interface and intuitive user experience that adheres to the ever-evolving standards of contemporary digital content delivery.


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