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September 1, 2016
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September 1, 2016
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Tumbletees Website

Project Details

Since TumbleTees is a high quality screen-printing service, we wanted the design of this website to standout to its users. We needed the information and the photos to pop to bring out the features this site has to offer. This is a youth-in-business social enterprise that designs print that can be placed on any product. In designing this website, we had to make sure to include a portfolio with all of their latest ideas and creations.

What is different about this website compared to other designs is that this is a parallax website, which means the design trend is moving at a slower rate to the foreground. This was just a simple touch that was added. There is also a tab to see their gallery and videos about this company and how they have grown. You can click on the top banner under support as a way to get involved and help donate this graphic design clothing. This website was created as very user friendly for all ages to look at.