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September 1, 2016
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September 1, 2016
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Sun Health Website

Project Details

Sun Health, is a nonprofit organization that is committed to building health programs to enhance the lives of everyone. We wanted to create a design to highlight all of the beauty and adventure this page has to offer. We created a page that brings out a lot of vibrant colors and touches that made it very unique and user friendly to its visitors.

Not only do they have information on their main web page, but we have included social media websites, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as a way to discover more about Sun Health. Along with their social media, we have added a tab to find out more about current events within their press releases, media coverage about Sun Health, publications, and events within the senior living. You can request information about how to donate and contact Sun Health. Another cool feature about this website is the fact that there are four websites mixed into one. Sun Health, Foundation, Senior Living, and Community Wellness. Each of those different tabs all have different information about what Sun Health has to offer to its customers and clients.