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September 1, 2016
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September 1, 2016
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SteelCrest Website

Project Details

Steelcrest is known for designing extraordinary products from doors to window inserts, architectural panels and custom fabrication. Being a client of R Squared, this company was a great way for us to give them a modern design to their website. We created options for visitors of the website to learn more about their certain products that they offer. A photo gallery is always needed with websites, so people can get a better understanding of what exactly their company is about. We also created a useful resource center on their website. Under the dealer resources tab, there is a custom cost calculator where you can choose your quantity, dimensions, design and other features. The calculator will then give you your own print retail cost sheet with everything you need to know about your custom. design. It saves a tremendous amount of time, both for potential clients and their own sales team. You can do this without calling SteelCrest or even browsing through a catalog. You can also find a brochure and helpful guidelines for pricing, guidelines, and credit applications. A new addition to their website is the blog feature. It is still being updated, but gives its clients another way of looking at their designs.