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July 17, 2011
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May 8, 2012
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R2 Christmas Pickle Promo

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When we decided to go with this particular promo, we were fairly certain it was safe to say that most people had never heard the legend of the Christmas Pickle. This is a tradition, which calls for the hanging of a pickle ornament on your Christmas tree. When Christmas morning comes around, the children are compelled to race to the tree, with the promise of good luck and an extra present to whomever finds the pickle first. This practice encourages kids to stop and appreciate the decorated tree in all of its glory, rather than just rushing to the presents. To this day, the tradition remains mostly the same, but the origin of the tradition is often debated. This debate was the premise of our promo. We presented the three most common tales, and in addition, provided “the true” Christmas Pickle story. That was the one initiated by a young, starving graphic designer named Rick, many years ago.

We sent out a pickle shaped card wishing everyone a happy holiday, and thanking our clients, because without them “we would be in quite a pickle.” Each card was equipped with an ornament hook so the recipients would be able to start the pickle tradition in their own homes. The promo included a shirt with our custom-made R Squared Spicy Pickles logo, an actual jar of Rick’s homemade spicy pickles, a bag of dill pickle flavored sunflower seeds, the card, and of course an authentic pickle ornament. All of the goodies were housed in a wooden box filled with straw in the bed, and a wrap over the top giving it an old vintage feel.

Not only that, but we created a corresponding website containing all four of the stories, along with Rick’s pickle recipe, a pickle game, and a place for everyone to share their version of the origin of the Christmas Pickle.