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April 4, 2017
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Clips: A New Video App from Apple

Earlier this month, Apple quietly released Clips – a new app for creating and sharing multimedia stories with your friends. This app is the perfect bridge between Apple’s prosumer video editing software and it’s Messages application. With Clips, users can create stories using photos, videos and audio, enhance them with effects and filters, and share them directly with their contacts.

Though many of these features can be found in similar social sharing apps like Snapchat, Apple has brought some special sauce to Clips. One unique and interesting feature is Clips’ Live Tiles which “let you easily create animated captions and titles — just by talking.” (Apple) While recording a video, Live Tiles instantly transcribes all spoken word to text and displays it as an overlay. While this feature may seem dull on the surface, consider the last time your device started autoplaying audio from a Facebook video or text message. Captions on a video can potentially save you the embarrassment of having your device making noise when you don’t want it to.

Of course, Clips will still allow users to create stories with audio. In fact, it’s Music panel features dozens of professional audio tracks that will automatically adjust to the duration of your story. Apple even went as far as to hire the acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer to write a score for Clips!

With iPhone’s popularity among creators, you will no doubt begin seeing Clips videos appearing in your social feeds soon.

For more information on Clips, visit or click here to download.

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