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September 7, 2017
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October 31, 2017
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Are You a Spoon Fan? Then Most Likely, You Are a Graphic Designer.

You don’t often hear about rock bands doing market research about the make up of their fan base. Well, maybe *YOU* do, but *I* don’t, so this caught my eye. What’s even more interesting is that Spoon discovered that 80% of their fans are graphic designers. And what’s even more interesting than that is that I am a graphic designer, and yes, I’m a big Spoon fan.

I got curious about this and did a poll around the R Squared studio, and was shocked to learn that only 33.33% of our design team (that’s me) is a Spoon fan. Another 33.33% insists that he doesn’t listen to any music *at all*. I don’t get that, but whatever– it gets even worse: the last 33.33% doesn’t like Spoon, but DOES like Nickelback! I mean, can you even? I’m not going to name any names, but that last guy is Rick. In a desperate effort to cheer myself up again, I decided to poll outside our design team. That person had never even *heard* of Spoon– but it made perfect sense because… she’s not a graphic designer.

So are YOU a graphic designer? And if so, what you do think of Spoon? Here’s a link to the article from Juxtapoz Magazine.

Correction: It turns out that Rick actually DOES like Spoon, but since he is also a Nickelback fan– and a BIG one at that (he’s got them as his ringtone!!)– I’m not counting it in the poll.

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